[Elfsea] Burned out

Marsh, Vicki MarsV at chisd.com
Wed Oct 3 07:43:10 PDT 2001

Hehehe.....Maria, I told you so:)

You didn't want to hear it then, either.

Ok, from the Baroness of Burnout -

Pull back your irons from the fire. Get your mundane life in order - that
causes stress and makes all the little frustrating things in the SCA get
blown out of proportion.

Plan for fun.  Make a calendar to show what events, meetings, classes,
fighter practices, etc. you want to attend. Llywelyn and I have one for
about 6 months out, so we have an idea of what to plan for.

Cut back on those events, etc, to only be the ones you *really* want to
attend. When you decide to attend something, determine in advance what your
goal is for that event and what you expect to happen.  It's those
"unfulfilled expectations" that create pain and unhappiness in our lives.
Even if we never voice the expectations, they still exist.

I have found that putting on a pretty costume and going to fighter practice
to watch my husband fight and my children play helps me to re-charge my
batteries.  The drive to and from the event, spent visiting with my family
makes me happy, too.  See my friends and visiting with them makes me happy.
I prepare for the inevitable - hungry children - by packing snacks and water
for everyone, so they stay happy, too.

Sometimes, I just take out the harp and noodle on it.  That always puts me
in a good mood, too.

And when you just need to get out, but don't feel like doing SCA - go to the
Library or a bookstore and just graze on the knowledge there. If the
children are a pain, find someone close to you that is willing to trade off
children on occasion. Go places by yourself when you can, too.

Stay away from e-mail for a few days.  That drags me down sometimes.

I have other hints, but I'll leave it at that for now.....

Have fun!!


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I have been dealing with a really bad problem of burn out. Ok, Ok, I know I
was warned that if I didn't slow down I would burn out (so I don't want to
hear any "told you so's". :)

Are we all dealing with burn-out since we have had such a busy summer with
all the events we have hosted? Or is it just me?

How do you deal with burn out when it happens?



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