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Padraig O'Maolagain padraig_ruad at irishbard.com
Wed Oct 3 07:52:21 PDT 2001

Asa wrote:

>Okay, maybe it just late at night, but I suddenly heard an Arlo Guthrie voice
>doing, "What's wrong with dry?  Maybe we could try one out!?  Maybe we could
>start a revolution....People jumping up and down on picnic tables chanting
>"dry site, dry site......."  Nah - there's too many people who would feel
>that it was just wrong, even sacrilegious to not be able to have a brew in
>garb.  Remember - Guiness The Breakfast of Champions!  A beer that drinks
>like a meal.

Speaking as an Irishman who likes both his beer and his whiskey, I personally have no problem with a dry site for an event.  I enjoy imbibing, but can live without it.

However, consider this:  most sites which ban alcohol also frown upon noise after dark, and with or without alcohol, we tend to make a lot of noise after dark.  Many of these places also have problems with the types of things we like to do in daylight as well (you hit each other with WHAT?).  Plus, many state parks (such as the one in Mineral Wells) are quite expensive and are often unwilling to cut a group deal that would allow us to offer entry to an event at less than twice what is normally charged ($20/person instead of $10/person, and no family cap, either).

I encourage everyone to keep checking out possible sites and to post the information on the mailing lists so that they can be discussed.  Baroness Dana and I scoured Tarrant, Parker, Johnson, and Wise counties for possible sites for Lughnasad and came up with none that either were suitable or were willing to accomodate an SCA event.  This doesn't mean that none exist, just that we have so far been unable to find them.  :)

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