[Elfsea] Burned out

Karie Mitchell allessandre at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 3 08:20:06 PDT 2001

Asa said:
>Perhaps more non-camping day tripping events rather than the extended
> >weekend type?  These seem to be easier on everyone.
>But that's just my wishful thinking.

Perhaps not.  This may be the solution to our problem of "burn out" (and not
only Maria's but the whole Barony's).  We aren't having enough _local_
events.  Most of what we do seems to be big and heavy.  We travel long
distances with a whole bunch of gear.

It is difficult for someone who is new to get involved, especially when they
aren't really sure of their interest level, or feels the cost might be too

It might be useful to do recruiting demos, and have several small revels
throughout the year.  Events more like "Fools Court", and less like
Defender.  Some Sunday afternoon "tiny tourneys" at Randol Mill park, or a
Saturday evening revel at someone's home or clubhouse, or even an all day
event at a State Park.

Things that would be more like "mixers" rather than an _event_, where
newcomers could get some face time with the movers & shakers of the barony,
and get to know them, rather than being perched under a pavillion set aside
for them and no one talking to them because we're all busy "moving &

So whadday think?

Baroness of Elfsea

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