[Elfsea] Scribes and Illuminators

Kate Rayburn anezka at elfsea.net
Wed Oct 3 14:11:23 PDT 2001

The Elfsea Heralds, Scribes and Illuminators meeting is held on the
Second Monday of the month (next Monday)at my house in Arlington.  The
heralds gather in the living room to do commentary and education, while
the scribes gather in the sunroom to paint.

Look for the reminder message which will be posted either Sunday or
Monday to get our address, phone, and time for the gathering.

In Service,

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I was wanting to know when and where the Scribes and Illuminators meet.
While I am sure DFT has a meeting for that and other A&S but all my
baby-sitters are in the city.

Much Thanks,


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