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Christine Huse maria_elfsea at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 3 19:42:09 PDT 2001

Thank you Simone!

I think that we both think the same way when it comes to volunteering. :) I,
too, feel an obligation to help out those in our Barony and Cantons for the
same reasons why...This society gives so much and asks for so little in

But for me, getting burned out is just a classic case of what I call
"Honorable Lady Arabella-itis" (ie, I can't sit on my hands when the call
for volunteers go out)...love you Arabella!! :)

With all the events in the Barony, I think I have just out volunteered
myself. I will do my best in the future (at least until the baby is born) to
sit on my hands.


>Over The time I have played I have had times when I have felt burned out,
>and worn out. Durring these times I  haved had to ask myself why am I
>feeling this way. Why am I not having fun playing this game that has been a
>big part of my life.
>Normaly I find that I have been taking things way to personaly and forgoten
>why I do the things in the SCA that I do.  I get to wraped up in seeing the
>negitive things that I forget about the positive and all the fun I have.
>For me working at events is my way of giving back to the SCA some small
>mesure of what has been given to me over the years. In the good times and
>the Bad times my friend in the Society have always been there. to Laugh
>with, to cry with, they have helped me see my falts and have worked with me
>to be a better person.
>When I'm feeling burned out it is normaly because I am looking at only me.
>seeing only the thing I do and not  what the others around me are doing, I
>start focusing on what is wrong  with the dream instead of what
>  is right. At these times I must take some time to be greatful for what I
>have in the Society, what others have selflessly done for me and others.
>I must look at what it is that I first loved about the society, and
>redisciver it in myself and others.
>Because events were small and most sites were primitive when I started
>playing I make time to go to some shire and canton events. I help were I
>can, I rest and I enjoy the comradery and closeness of the smaller events.
>be myself. I also make sure to take time during each month solely for my
>mundane life and friends. for me it is important to find ballance between
>our game and the real world we live in. At events I also find ballance
>between service work and the things I enjoy.
>in final one thing that has helped me sience I moved here from Caliontir
>were the words of advice Darius of the bells gave me, when I was going
>through one of my burn out phases. "It's a game and a dream we play, If
>not having fun your doing it wrong" When I get cought up in petty politics,
>and the personalitys of myself and others I get hurt and stop having fun.
>i do my best to put the Ideals fo the soicety first. some days I'm good at
>it and other days Idon't do so well. the key is I keep trying. I may fall
>my face, and that's ok. I can get up dust myself off and try again. I just
>have to remeber to have fun.
>I don't know if this helps any. I can only share what i fell and have done
>from my point of view that works for me. Others deal with it in other ways.
>I'm allways here to talk to.

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