[Elfsea] FW: [Steppes] Temporary relocation

Glen Wilkerson gdwilkerson at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 3 21:06:28 PDT 2001

I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment - but knowing Archie (and a few
others who are being called up) as well as I do, I'm more inclined to
believe that the bad guys will be the ones in need of prayers...

Alaric (Who wishes he were going with...)

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Subject: [Elfsea] FW: [Steppes] Temporary relocation

>Looks like Don Sebastian got called up.
>Let's keep him in our thoughts and prayers......
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>Subject: [Steppes] Temporary relocation
>>Unto the Populace of the Steppes;
>>     The US Air Force informed me this day that I will be relocating to a
>>destination I cannot reveal for a time period that is unknown (I suspect
>>about a year).  I will be gone by the time you get this message.  Talk
>>short notice.
>>     If I can get email access I will be back on line as soon as possible.
>>Yours In Service
>>Don Sebastian Frobishire
>>Archery Champion of the Steppes
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