[Elfsea] Crown Tourney

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Thu Oct 4 06:24:06 PDT 2001


I'm going over to pick up the blue and white this evening at 6 pm.  Llywelyn
and I weren't going to leave until Sat. morning, unless I can talk Llywelyn
into heading out Friday night.  Kinda hard to do with him flying in Friday


Whichever you think is best - Stella taking it down Friday or Llywleyn and I
taking it out Saturday morning.

Also, do you need to have the Baronial Thrones taken or are you using
regular chairs?

Ceatta, I may be a little late due to a teacher conference I forgot about at
4:20.  It won't take very long, though.


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Greetings from Mistress Stella-
I am thinking about driving down Friday night, so I don't have to leave so
early Sat. Do you still need someone to lay out the Pavillion? I think it
would be better to use the Blue&White so we don't take up more than our
fair share of the list field boundary.
Is it at Caelin's or your house?
	In service, HE Stella

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> Date: Wednesday, October 03, 2001 9:14 AM
> I'm looking for someone who's going to Crown Tourney, and can take
> charge of transporting the baronial pavillion and getting a place on the
> list field.
> It can either be the new "big blue" pavillion, or the old blue & white.
> I'm sure there'll be plenty of us to help set it up on Saturday morning.
> Allessandra & I are day-tripping, and will not have room for it, as we
> can't take the truck with the baby.
> So we need a volunteer.
> - Galen, Baron
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