[Elfsea] Cookouts & Revels

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Thu Oct 4 08:27:40 PDT 2001

At your house, right?


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> Oh, yes! I agree with this idea completely too! So much in fact, I'll be
> more than happy to volunteer to help coordinate this effort! This sounds
> like so much fun!

NOOOOO Maria!  You were doing so well.  STOP VOLUNTEERING!!  If you really
want to help, then make something nice for the picnic - that is all you need
to do.  Really... <sheesh, like trying to stop a Mac truck..> ;)

> It would be so nice to have a picnic of sorts with everyone. We can all
> down and visit as friends...no worries over places to be at a certain
> politics, or circles! We could play volleyball, frisbee, yard darts,
> baseball or any assortment of non-SCA outdoor games!

OK.  This wasn't what I had originally thought of but it could be nice.  A
non-SCA function with all our SCA friends...

But what about the idea of doing some smaller SCA functions here at home?
Some after-demo revels?  Any takers?


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