[Elfsea] Cookouts & Revels

Spence Mabry Spence.Mabry at radioshack.com
Thu Oct 4 10:27:17 PDT 2001

This is a great idea, except for the fact that we have a demo that day
starting at 2 at the Keller Library, and fighter practice will also be there
as well.

Any other days suggest themselves?


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How about at fighter practice on October 28?  We can have a cookout and
celebrate the season, the new CP's, our happiness at being friends, etc..

If the weather's really nasty, we could move to someone's house.

Also, we could reserve the pavilion there at Randall Mill. I don't know if
it costs anything.  We took it over this last week as our usual tables were
full.  No one had reserved the pavilion, so.....we sat in the shade and had
fun. It would have looked really nice with banners hanging on it, too.

  If it's cool outside, perhaps Daniel and Siobhan could bring their
portable fireplace and we could roast marshmallows or shish-kabobs.... Who
could bring extra firewood? We could all bring extra pumpkins for a carving
contest - children's and adult's divisions.

I can bring some fresh baked bread, fruit, and disposable plates - not to
mention some meat for the bar-b-q.

I don't think we need any extra time to do stuff together.  Just use the
Sunday fighter practices that we already have and plan something "special"
to do at it once a month - a small feast, a tiny tourney, a gaming
event....whatever. If the weather is nasty, plan on meeting afterwards

My two bezants worth.


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