[Elfsea] Joint practice Oct 21

Mordock von Rugen mordockvonrugen at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 4 11:18:20 PDT 2001

I won't be able to attend the war practice on Oct 21.  I don't want to ask
folks to drive all the way out to the Western Region for practice there if I
can't be there, as well to integrate the Western Region into the brigade.

Oct 21 war practice will thus be in Steppes, hosted by Steppes.  We'll
coordinate a date to practice with the Western Region later.

Ironwyrm has suggested holding practice at Eastfield, so combat archery
won't be a concern.  Where we hold practice is Sir Miguel's call.  If we
don't hear the he has chosen Eastfield, though, we will hold the Central
Regional and Iron Star Brigade war practice at the park in Carrollton.

The practice will start at 2:00 pm.  Please don't forget to bring plenty of

Hopefully, my choice of second-in-command of the Central Region will have
accepted the position by then, and can run the practice.  If not, I leave
the practice in the capable hands of Mistress Stella, Bjorn and Frayman
Hosey, our unit commanders.

In any case, come on out and have some fun practicing how to crush our
enemies, see them driven before us, and hear the lamentation of their camp
followers....  <wicked grin>

Vivat Ansteorra!

Mordock von Rügen
Commander, Central Region
Commander, Iron Star Brigade

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