[Elfsea] Cookouts & Revels

Estella Flather eflather at flash.net
Thu Oct 4 14:29:18 PDT 2001

Oct.28th  is the Demo at Keller Library at 2 PM.
How about a picnic at the Demo?
In service, HE Stella
> From: Marsh, Vicki <MarsV at chisd.com>
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> Subject: RE: [Elfsea] Cookouts & Revels
> Date: Thursday, October 04, 2001 12:24 PM
> How about at fighter practice on October 28?  We can have a cookout and
> celebrate the season, the new CP's, our happiness at being friends, etc..
> If the weather's really nasty, we could move to someone's house.
> Also, we could reserve the pavilion there at Randall Mill. I don't know
> it costs anything.  We took it over this last week as our usual tables
> full.  No one had reserved the pavilion, so.....we sat in the shade and
> fun. It would have looked really nice with banners hanging on it, too.
>   If it's cool outside, perhaps Daniel and Siobhan could bring their
> portable fireplace and we could roast marshmallows or shish-kabobs....
> could bring extra firewood? We could all bring extra pumpkins for a
> contest - children's and adult's divisions.
> I can bring some fresh baked bread, fruit, and disposable plates - not to
> mention some meat for the bar-b-q.
> I don't think we need any extra time to do stuff together.  Just use the
> Sunday fighter practices that we already have and plan something
> to do at it once a month - a small feast, a tiny tourney, a gaming
> event....whatever. If the weather is nasty, plan on meeting afterwards
> somewhere.
> My two bezants worth.
> Xene
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