[Elfsea] Cookouts & Revels

Christine Huse maria_elfsea at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 4 19:13:21 PDT 2001

I agree. Putting on a picnic at the library would not be a good idea.
However, there is a park next door (so, I was told by the librarian) that
has everything we would need. Ba-B-Q pits/grill, a playground (complete with
castle) and privies.

How about having it there? We could bring those hot dogs/hamburgers, all the
fixin's, drinks and chips and have a party or extended fighter practice.

I'm not too thrilled with going to a restraunt. There are many of us (like
our family) that could not afford it and would have to go home. But, a bag
of chips or cookies or some soft drinks (or ice) would be in their (and my)

I'm not planning...just throwing out a suggestion, promise!! :)


>I think there would be a problem with having a picnic at the demo.  How do
>we monitor who is eating our food?  And what sort of liability do we have
>someone outside our group gets sick?
>Just something to think about...

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