[Elfsea] Cookouts & Revels

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Xene here:

I think this a lovely idea.

If you attend, though, please bring food & drink to share or plastic
utensils/plates & napkins.   Daniel and Siobhan have hosted many of our
little get-togethers and the costs do add up.

Is the hot tub / pool going to be open?  Can we kick in money for the extra
cost to the utilities for the pleasure of soaking?

If anyone has a washtub, I'll bring a bag of apples for bobbing.  That's
always fun!! Maybe we could bring Kingmaker and get a round going in the
dining room?

Thanks for opening up your home to us.


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Okay, the 28th we have a demo and fighter practice at 2:00 at the Keller
Library. My house is close to Keller, so I will offer up my house. It isn't
like we have not had many parties and cook-outs here in the past. There are
also  parks a couple of blocks away if anyone would like to walk over there.

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> so how about after the demo at someone's house?  Anyone?  I'd offer mine,
> but it's kinda out of the way.

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