[Elfsea] considering a society name

SilverRivermoon@aol.com SilverRivermoon at aol.com
Fri Oct 5 10:29:36 PDT 2001

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I have been doing some looking through some websites on the College of Saint
Gabriel site and have found a name I would like to use but I would like to
make sure that I am not using someone else's name before I do.  I haven't
gotten the research back from the CSG so I am not ready to register it.  I
looked on a page on the College of Heralds site that should have shown it if
it was registered and it wasn't on it.  Could ya'll let me know if know any
one with it.

it is Thora Olsdottir

Please let me know.  Posting responses to the list is fine.

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