[Elfsea] SCA makes the Cedar Hill Today newspaper!

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Sun Oct 7 18:23:56 PDT 2001

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> .
>     I am a little puzzled why a person who isn't an active member is doing
> demos and articles about us, but he seems to be giving out reasonable
> information.
>     In service, HE Stella

He is a liaison from the Police department to the schools.  And thus has that
tendency to volunteer. I bet there are many more that do the same kind of
thing and we just never hear about it. I have done similar things on my own
in my children's school for years. But it was to teach about the time period
not as a member of the SCA promoting SCA.  Judy just decided to do a story on
him it seems.  She told me a lot about it earlier but I will ask again when
she gets back to school.

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