[Elfsea] Our Own at Crown

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For those who were fortunate enough to attend crown, we were treated to an
excellent showing upon the list field by his Excellency Don Llywelyn Gruffydd.
For his the first round Llywelyn challenged Count Mahdi.  The two combatants
did approach with guarded respect, testing the defenses of their foe.  An arm
shot forward.   A blow was struck.  The Count lay dead upon the field.  Such a
perfect shot to the head was thrown that, knights and centurians did rise to
feet and rush to the side of the list field, gathering to perform the wave for
their respected brother.  Two more battles were fought.  Alas though skill was
great our Don did lose to the Count.  This in no way lessoned the enthusiam of
his brother fighters, for they came onto the field raised Don Llywelyn
Gruffydd above shoulders and carried him triumphantly from the field.


Cassandra Palfrey
"Growing old is mandatory, Growing wise is optional"

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