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Mon Oct 8 10:24:35 PDT 2001

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my shield brother[lord ferdoch?sp]and i attended the opening weekend at trf
and along  with his lady wlissa participated in the sca demos.  we all had a
wonderful time and we made to feel most welcome by our cousins in stargate.
the ifghter demos were great fun.  it was mostly a king of the hill format
with high spirited fighting and dramatic, swooning deaths.  we always drew a
good crowd and they went away well pleased. i would encourage any who have an
interest to attend and participate. you get free admission with daily
participation of at least three hours, the camping area is adequate, and they
have a lovely, large showerhouse.  there is also a potluck feast on saturday
night.  not only heavy fighters are welcome, but light fighters as well as
heralds, chiv marshals, crowd marshalls, water bearers, etc..., not to
mention bardic performers and most especially arts and sciences.  ok, i guess
that would be your standard needs at all demos ;]  my point is that the trip
is well woth it regardless of your area of contribution.  i will be attending
again as time, money and other events allow.  for more info there is a link
on the sca home page.  you can also contact me if you want to carpool or
                                         IN THE PURSUIT OF TRUE HONOR,
                                         CALIBAN THE RED OF HOUSE FALCONROSE
we carried, displayed and fought under the elfsea war banner, which was the
only one from any barony that was flown.  i give my thaks also to his
excellency baron galen of bristol for the use of the banner and for replacing
my authorization card at the 11th hour.  CTR

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