[Elfsea] mare available for SCA Eq/ Cleburne

Lisa LeChatton llechatton at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 8 12:40:20 PDT 2001

This was posted to the Equestrian list and no one there has taken up the
offer. Most people on the list have their own horse.
I know this mare and she has a great disposition. She just needs a rider
that is willing to work with her physical injuries.
Also, Becky is a good rider to partner up with. She taught me alot.

Ly Aimee de LongCoeur
m.k.a. Lisa LeChatton
Garland, Tx

Subject:  mare available / Cleburne

I have a mare that is coming along well in the games that could be available
to work with an individual who is in need of a horse. She is 15hh, purebred
Arab, grey mare.

She is something of a special case, as she has permanent damage from a
(completely healed) previous injury.  She needs an advanced beginner or
intermediate rider. I'd prefer not to put over 200lbs (including tack) on
her because of the damage.  She is easy to handle, and very light on your
hands and legs, but a powerful mare and can be intimidating if you over-cue
her.    She is sound at the trot, and the lope, but won't be extremely
competitive in the timed events that have sharp turns, like 'heads'.

I am in Cleburne about 45 min SW of DFW and would like someone who is close
enough to come out on a regular basis to practice with her, and establish a
relationship with her.

Becky Huffman, Cleburne, Texas
TOS at htcomp.net

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