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Mon Oct 8 15:05:39 PDT 2001

I went to my first TRF last November and I have to say
I had the time of my life. It was my first experience
heralding and there's nothing like heralding at the
mound as the rain pours and the lightning crashes (and
the scroll falls apart!). I stood in the rain, scroll
in hand, telling the good mundane gentles just how
chivalrous the fighters are in the SCA. I finished,
bowed and realized that, as I was heralding, everyone
else was taking cover from the pouring rain beneath a
tree. ;O)

I met many kind gentles who took my lord and me in
after we forgot a very important part of our tent in
Arlington. The pot luck feast and the hospitality
Saturday night warmed us to the core and the
fighting...did I mention the fighting? WOW! The deaths
are amazing. The oaths are heartwarming. It's a true
sight to see.

Hopefully, my lord and I will be able to attend this
year. I encourange anyone who is even thinking about
it to go. It's an amazing faire and I wouldn't miss it
for the world.

Eleanor Cleavely
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> my shield brother[lord ferdoch?sp]and i attended the
> opening weekend at trf
> and along  with his lady wlissa participated in the
> sca demos.  we all had a
> wonderful time and we made to feel most welcome by
> our cousins in stargate.
> the ifghter demos were great fun.  it was mostly a
> king of the hill format
> with high spirited fighting and dramatic, swooning
> deaths.  we always drew a
> good crowd and they went away well pleased. i would
> encourage any who have an
> interest to attend and participate. you get free
> admission with daily
> participation of at least three hours, the camping
> area is adequate, and they
> have a lovely, large showerhouse.  there is also a
> potluck feast on saturday
> night.  not only heavy fighters are welcome, but
> light fighters as well as
> heralds, chiv marshals, crowd marshalls, water
> bearers, etc..., not to
> mention bardic performers and most especially arts
> and sciences.  ok, i guess
> that would be your standard needs at all demos ;]
> my point is that the trip
> is well woth it regardless of your area of
> contribution.  i will be attending
> again as time, money and other events allow.  for
> more info there is a link
> on the sca home page.  you can also contact me if
> you want to carpool or
> caravan.
>                                          IN THE
>                                          CALIBAN THE
> we carried, displayed and fought under the elfsea
> war banner, which was the
> only one from any barony that was flown.  i give my
> thaks also to his
> excellency baron galen of bristol for the use of the
> banner and for replacing
> my authorization card at the 11th hour.  CTR
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