[Elfsea] OT : Vehicle Available

S.McFarlane tanwyn at flash.net
Tue Oct 9 13:21:13 PDT 2001

Just call BR549

any one remember that one?
 ;o)  Tanwyn~

Timothy Rayburn wrote:

> Greetings Elfsea!
> This is just barely bordering on reasonable discussion for this list,
> so I hope that our list administrator will humor me for a moment.
> My lady and I have just acquired a brand new Ford F-150 SuperCrew (in
> blue, of course) to replace our long time event vehicle a 1984 Chevy
> Suburban.  As such, I am now looking to sell the Suburban in order to
> acquire a new trailer to tow with the new truck.
> I've put a heck of alot of work into the Suburban, but am only asking
> what I paid for it when I acquired it two years ago, which is $2,000.
> But I am motivated to move it, and will entertain offers.  In the last
> two years it has had :
> * New Engine (couple months ago)
> * Rebuilt Transmission (now runs great)
> * New Brake Pads (couple months ago)
> * New Starter
> * New Vacuum Booster for Brakes
> * Carborator Overhaul
> * New Radiator
> It has a Chevy 350 (V8) engine in it, and has a tow hitch on it and can
> pull any reasonably sized trailer (though it does not have a
> Transmission Cooler which is strongly suggested if you are going to do
> so regularly).  The only thing not working on it is the AC, which may
> just need a re-charge of freon.
> If you are interested, email me privately or call 817-939-6492.  I've
> driven it to and from to work for the last two years, and while it's
> had it's share of problems along the way, it's kept up very well for a
> 1984 vehicle, and should be even better now that all the above work has
> been done.
> Timothy of Glastonbury
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