[Elfsea] OT : Vehicle Available

S.McFarlane tanwyn at flash.net
Tue Oct 9 19:59:35 PDT 2001

BR549 was Jr Samples,Car sales Phone number. It was a skit they did on every
show... kinda like Sat. Night live with a country hillbilly flare!

Gloom dispairrrrrrrrr and agony on meeee ...(ceinwen here's your
Deep dark depression ... exsesive missery..WHOOOAAAOooo
if  it weren't for bad luck.... I'd have no luck at allllllllllllllll.....
Gloooooooooom dispairrrrrr and Agony on me ...WHOOAAAOOooo.

;op````   Tanwyn~

SORRY Timothey....I did'nt mean to knock your add... it was just tooo easy.

> I tried really hard not to ever do that.  So what does it mean?
> Gwen

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