[Elfsea] Re: [Ansteorra-announce] Battle of Three Kings

Mordock von Rugen mordockvonrugen at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 10 08:59:11 PDT 2001

Baron Galen, your troops are loyal and steadfast members of the Iron Star
Brigade.  As the commander of the Iron Star Brigade, I take great pleasure
in saying that honor demands that the Brigade return the good service your
troops so loyally  and so fully render at my command.

All of Iron Star Brigade will fight with its member unit, the Arthurian
Company, at your side.

I will not speak for those in the Central Region who are not members of the
Iron Star Brigade on this, as this war is internal to Ansteorra, though I
would hope that they see the truth of your cause and rally to your side.
Otherwise, we will be forced to slaughter them as the blind fools they would
then be....

Mordock von Rügen
Commander, Ansteorra Central Region
Commander, Iron Star Brigade

>From: Galen <baron at elfsea.net>
>To: ansteorra-announce at ansteorra.org
>Subject: [Ansteorra-announce] Battle of Three Kings
>Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2001 18:44:04 -0500
>Unto the puissant and faithful folk of the Kingdom of Ansteorra,
>Come blessings and greetings from Gregory XII, Servant of the Servants
>of God, Bishop of Rome, Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church,
>I call on you to rally to Mother Church, and to the defense of True
>Faith.  For many years God's Church has borne the burden of schism, as
>no fewer than two pretenders to the Chair of Peter, supported by
>disloyal and false Cardinals and Bishops, and under the patronage of
>warring Princes, has maintained a most harmful rift in Christianity,
>which serves to obscure the truth of the Church's teaching and interfere
>in the relationship of God with his people.
>Some say there are three Popes, but that is blasphemy, there can only be
>one; two are false anti-popes.  Anyone may observe the history and know
>that I am the only Bishop of Rome, elected by the rightful College of
>Cardinals after the death of my predecessors.  The false ones were each
>elected from among the numbers of renegade Cardinals, unworthy of their
>birettas, while the true Pontiff still lived.  I am the true successor
>of St. Peter, as any who study how the present deplorable situation will
>readily see.  It is not for my own fleeting glory, but for the
>protection of the Holy Church, and in fulfillment of my charge as a
>Bishop to teach the divine truth, that I make this argument.
>His Excellency, Galen, Baron of Elfsea, a loyal servant of God and His
>Church, gathers the forces who will fight for the unity of the Universal
>Church.  They will meet at the Shire of Rosenfeld on November 9th, and
>the next day engage in glorious battle our enemies.  Those who wield
>weapons, as well as those whose skill at arts or service may assist, are
>called to this cause.  Those who would respond are asked to send word to
>Sir Galen, that he may know our strength before the battle.
>I will bestow my apostolic blessing on all rally to the standard.
>Pope Gregory XII, Bishop of Rome
>- Paul Mitchell / Galen of Bristol
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