[Elfsea] Fian Ruadh @ Battle of Three Kings

Adam Harrison concrete_donkey at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 10 09:44:18 PDT 2001

> All of Iron Star Brigade will fight with its member
> unit, the Arthurian
> Company, at your side.

I just wanted to quickly remind everyone in Fian Ruadh
that as we are a part of the Iron Star Brigade, we
will be fighting with Baron Galen's forces at three

Three Kings is a good event to evaluate what shape our
unit is in, so it is imperative that we have as many
us there as possible.  "us" includes everyone in Fian
Ruadh, not just the armored fighters.

Saturday afternoon/evening after the fighting is over,
but before dinner, I want to hold an organizational
meeting for Fian Ruadh at Loch Ruadh's camp.  Everyone
who is in Fian Ruadh should attend.  At the meeting we
will discuss who is going to war and who is not, and
how many light fighters, heavy fighters, A&S
participants, waterbearers, etc we have.  Again, if
you're part of Fian Ruadh, please attend this meeting.


Commander, Fian Ruadh

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