[Elfsea] Iron Star Brigade second in command announcement

Mordock von Rugen mordockvonrugen at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 10 15:39:03 PDT 2001

After much deliberation, some talk, and a bit of beer (wonderful lubricant
for thinking, beer), I have determined who my second in command for Iron
Star Brigade should be.

Baron Llewellyn, step up and take a bow.

Llewellyn expressed an interest very early on in being on the staff of the
brigade, and in developing his skills both as a leader and as a commander.
He has experience developing the Arthurian Company, and experience on the
field commanding troops.  He is known, I think, by all of the brigade - and
I daresay respected by all who know him.

Since I cannot be at the war practice to be held Oct 21, Llewellyn will be
running the practice in my stead.

I would like to see the practice focus on coordination and timing between
and among units.

Mary Head park in Carrollton has a huge field that is ideal for archery, so
I'm also hoping that the archers come out to work on combat archery.  As
Ironwyrm can attest, combat archery with *live* combatants is a whole lot
different than just shooting at static fighters or fighters who are just
standing and dodging!

Have fun, work hard, and give me a full report when I get back.


Mordock von Rügen
Commander, Ansteorra Central Region
Commander, Iron Star Brigade

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