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Thu Oct 11 07:39:08 PDT 2001

Congratulations Baron Llewellyn,

Please give us a posting so we can reach you.

Yes, All our combat archers need to practice under combat conditions as
much as possible.  Perspectives change completely under those conditions,
there are problems that arise with quivers, loading, and acquiring
targets that you cannot began to understand or discover until you put
your self into that position.

I do wholeheartedly encourage all our combat archers to do so ASAP.  The
new APD's have many problems you need to become familiar with before you
get on the field at Three Kings or you will be sorely surprised with the

We have had a couple of revelations with the APD's (I will try to post
for all before the weekend is out) which improves our rate of fire using
a "no nock" or "nockless" APD that seems to work very well (nine arrows
per minute for me) and does not change the APD enough to need to alter
the current rules on construction.

Mary Head Park?  Pray give us some more details, directions, address, and
have you talked to the Park Dept. about combat archery yet?

Dux,  The Eastfield soccer fields are flat out, that area seemed the best
spot for a war practice because restrooms were close to where we would be
on the field.  The Mesquite Soccer Association (which controls the field)
refuses to allow any other activities on those fields.  I am still
attempting to get permission for use of the grounds elsewhere.  I should
know something tomorrow.

In service,


On Wed, 10 Oct 2001 17:39:03 -0500 "Mordock von Rugen"
<mordockvonrugen at hotmail.com> writes:
> After much deliberation, some talk, and a bit of beer (wonderful
> lubricant
> for thinking, beer), I have determined who my second in command for
> Iron
> Star Brigade should be.
> Baron Llewellyn, step up and take a bow.
> Llewellyn expressed an interest very early on in being on the staff
> of the
> brigade, and in developing his skills both as a leader and as a
> commander.
> He has experience developing the Arthurian Company, and experience
> on the
> field commanding troops.  He is known, I think, by all of the
> brigade - and
> I daresay respected by all who know him.
> Since I cannot be at the war practice to be held Oct 21, Llewellyn
> will be
> running the practice in my stead.
> I would like to see the practice focus on coordination and timing
> between
> and among units.
> Mary Head park in Carrollton has a huge field that is ideal for
> archery, so
> I'm also hoping that the archers come out to work on combat archery.
>  As
> Ironwyrm can attest, combat archery with *live* combatants is a
> whole lot
> different than just shooting at static fighters or fighters who are
> just
> standing and dodging!
> Have fun, work hard, and give me a full report when I get back.
> Dux
> Mordock von Rügen
> Commander, Ansteorra Central Region
> Commander, Iron Star Brigade
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