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Mordock von Rugen mordockvonrugen at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 11 09:25:49 PDT 2001

As combat archery is not a proscribed activity (like pistol shooting or
static archery), and is not a political rally, we don't need to get
permission - any more than we need to get permission to play baseball there
(a much more dangerous activity).  So no, I have not asked for permission.

I assert once more: asking petty bureaucrats for permission guarantees a
refusal.  After all, if it's so dangerous that you have to ask, it is much
too dangerous to allow.  In general, bureaucrats would rather just not hear
anything.  No complaint=no need for action.  And if somebody complains, we
can then do the whole shuffle dance to demonstrate how harmless it is, and
get permission - thereby arming them with the information they need to rebut
the next complaint.

Son of an Army officer (read: bureaucrat) and a one-time Air Force officer
(read: bureaucrat), sometime autocrat (read: fish swimming in bureaucratic

Mordock von Rügen
Commander, Ansteorra Central Region
Commander, Iron Star Brigade

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>Congratulations Baron Llewellyn,
>Please give us a posting so we can reach you.
>Yes, All our combat archers need to practice under combat conditions as
>much as possible.  Perspectives change completely under those conditions,
>there are problems that arise with quivers, loading, and acquiring
>targets that you cannot began to understand or discover until you put
>your self into that position.
>I do wholeheartedly encourage all our combat archers to do so ASAP.  The
>new APD's have many problems you need to become familiar with before you
>get on the field at Three Kings or you will be sorely surprised with the
>We have had a couple of revelations with the APD's (I will try to post
>for all before the weekend is out) which improves our rate of fire using
>a "no nock" or "nockless" APD that seems to work very well (nine arrows
>per minute for me) and does not change the APD enough to need to alter
>the current rules on construction.
>Mary Head Park?  Pray give us some more details, directions, address, and
>have you talked to the Park Dept. about combat archery yet?
>Dux,  The Eastfield soccer fields are flat out, that area seemed the best
>spot for a war practice because restrooms were close to where we would be
>on the field.  The Mesquite Soccer Association (which controls the field)
>refuses to allow any other activities on those fields.  I am still
>attempting to get permission for use of the grounds elsewhere.  I should
>know something tomorrow.
>In service,
>On Wed, 10 Oct 2001 17:39:03 -0500 "Mordock von Rugen"
><mordockvonrugen at hotmail.com> writes:
> >
> > After much deliberation, some talk, and a bit of beer (wonderful
> > lubricant
> > for thinking, beer), I have determined who my second in command for
> > Iron
> > Star Brigade should be.
> >
> > Baron Llewellyn, step up and take a bow.
> >
> > Llewellyn expressed an interest very early on in being on the staff
> > of the
> > brigade, and in developing his skills both as a leader and as a
> > commander.
> > He has experience developing the Arthurian Company, and experience
> > on the
> > field commanding troops.  He is known, I think, by all of the
> > brigade - and
> > I daresay respected by all who know him.
> >
> > Since I cannot be at the war practice to be held Oct 21, Llewellyn
> > will be
> > running the practice in my stead.
> >
> > I would like to see the practice focus on coordination and timing
> > between
> > and among units.
> >
> > Mary Head park in Carrollton has a huge field that is ideal for
> > archery, so
> > I'm also hoping that the archers come out to work on combat archery.
> >  As
> > Ironwyrm can attest, combat archery with *live* combatants is a
> > whole lot
> > different than just shooting at static fighters or fighters who are
> > just
> > standing and dodging!
> >
> > Have fun, work hard, and give me a full report when I get back.
> >
> > Dux
> >
> > Mordock von Rügen
> > Commander, Ansteorra Central Region
> > Commander, Iron Star Brigade
> >
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