[Elfsea] Rent Horses for Fall Court

Lisa LeChatton llechatton at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 18 12:40:12 PDT 2001

Lady Guenevere of Gates Edge is considering coming to Fall Court.
If anyone would like to rent a horse (for yourself or your household) from
her for the 27th please contact me privately asap.

Lady Guenevere usually charges $50/horse (her hauling cost from Houston) and
the renter is responsible for all manual labour associated with the horse
rented. She provides all tack and feed. She also teaches basic horsemanship
skills and riding if you plan ahead.

Lisa LeChatton
Garland, Tx

p.s. She has recently broken a rib and might be open to some exchange of
partial sweat equity from a dedicated groom or two. ... or a trade of goods.

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