[Elfsea] Wolves and Monsters and Draugr, OH MY!

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Tue Oct 23 10:47:11 PDT 2001

Wolves and Monsters and Draugr, OH MY!


Come join us this weekend at Steppes’ Fall Court : A Day in Asgard!!

Come pitch your pavilions with us under the cool blue skies and the woods of
Camp Burnett.  The prophetess known as the Sibyl has foretold fair weather
and cool nights for this event!  Freya’s moon will be full as will the woods
where mythological creatures abound.  Beware of wolves, monsters and
spirits, as such names as Fenrir and Grendyl will be whispered often during
these nights prior to ALL HALLOW’S EVE !!  Feast late into the night in the
Hall Valhalla to tales and songs of heroes, villains, dwarfs, giants, &
draugr (ghosts).  Their Excellencies of the Steppes will be present at the
Draugr Fire to offer largesse for the best period ghost stories and stories
from Norse Mythology.  Others are also encouraged to bring largesse for the
storytellers.  Listen for the horns to sound late Saturday evening that will
herald the start of these wondrous hearthside tales.  Bring a mug to be
filled and prepare to be entertained.  The casks will be full of ale to pass

For further details, site fees and directions, please access the following
http://www.steppes.org/fallcourt/ (Event)
http://www.steppes.org/fallcourt/FallCourt.doc (Event flyer)

Hail to Odin, the Val-father, and the fallen heroes in battles known as the

Ingiriðr Þórkelsdóttir

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