[Elfsea] Steppes' Fallcourt Village Raid:

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Tue Oct 23 23:10:40 PDT 2001

Dire tidings indeed,

Bands of Northmen have been sighted rowing up river in search of our
migrant farming camps & villages.  Can our farmers complete the harvest
before the Vikings can attack?  Will the valiant fighters posted to our
border watchtowers be able to defend against these raiders?  Are these
peaceful communities to be saved by their defenders or put to the torch
by the raiders?

Join us for this year's Steppes Fallcourt and see!  Our "Village Raid"
should be as entertaining to watch as participate in with teams of
defenders and raiders using their best strategies to defend or steal
grain and livestock from a peaceful farming village for points while
protecting or burning* the huts of the farmers.  Are you up to the

Armor inspection will began at 1 PM Saturday with the "Village Raid" to
start about 2 PM.

Participants will be;
-Armed defenders/raiders with sword, axe, & shield.
-Peasant/raider archers & rock throwers, and unarmed
-All participants must be armored.
-All archers & unarmed retrievers/pillagers are touch kills.
-Archers may use burning* arrows, unarmed pillagers
 may use burning* torches on huts.
-Archers, peasants, & retriever/pillagers may arm themselves
 becoming armed defenders/raiders at anytime but once done
 they must remain so.
-SCA legal farm implements maybe used in combat if permitted
 by the fields' Knight Marshal.
-All "slain" participants must return to their teams indicated
 resurrection point before rejoining the game.
-Any participant coming within ten yards of their opponents
 resurrection point will be considered slain by arrow fire.
-When the signal horn is sounded all combat will halt,
 scores will be tallied, and the winner determined.
-All grain/livestock must removed beyond the raiders
 resurrection point to be counted by that team.

* Burning torches, arrows, and huts will be indicated red/orange
 warning tape.

For more details, site fees, and directions to our Steppes Fallcourt
event please visit the following links:

http://www.steppes.org/fallcourt/ (Event)
http:/www.steppes.org/fallcourt/FallCourt.doc (Event flyer)

May the Valkyries guide your journey into Valhalla!

Lord William Ironwyrm

Event Steward for Steppes' Fallcourt 2001

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