[Elfsea] Moot Tonight -- Fighter Practice Discussion

Richard Threlkeld rjt at softwareinnovation.com
Wed Oct 24 22:06:47 PDT 2001

> Greetings,
> After reading the minutes, I would like to weigh in
> with my opinion.
> I believe that we should look for a place that
> accommodates the fighters but at the same time not move
> practice because of "demographics." We have the
> opportunity to recruit those who wouldn't normally
> consider joining the SCA (Hispanics,
> African-Americans, Asians, etc) at Randol Mill Park.
> Also, with other cultures fusing with our
> admittedly-European group, I believe that the populace
> would grow and flourish in the Arts, Sciences and on
> the battlefield. Granted, the bathrooms aren't perfect
> but Randol Mill has always been a wonderful park to
> hold fighter practice in. But, since everyone wants to
> move, I would like to throw out an idea.

I don't know if the demographics are the real reason, but
we are not getting as many lurkers as we used to get. That
is a reason for trying elsewhere.

> May I suggest that we use Trinity Park in Fort Worth?
> The park is HUGE, has plenty of space for archery (and
> Ft. Worth Parks & Recreation has expressed an
> "interest" in letting us hold archery there), great
> bathrooms, lots of water, a great playground for kids
> and high visibility, especially on the weekends. I'm
> pretty sure the lighting is good there. Plus, we would
> have the same opportunity to recruit those same groups
> that enjoy Randol Mill Park every Sunday. Perhaps we
> should consider holding practice there a few times and
> get the feel of the park.

I love Trinity and we certainly should include it in the
list of candidates! Thanks for the suggestion.

> Also, about all the practices we have during the week.
> I can count at least four (Tuesday heavy, Wednesday
> light, Thursday heavy, and Sunday heavy and
> light)during the week. That's a lot of practices and
> a lot of time spent traveling for everyone.
> What about, instead of centering all those practices
> in Arlington, Elfsea holds a Wednesday practice in
> Loch Ruadh, a Thursday practice in Burleson (is that
> Dragonsfire Tor?) and Sunday in Elfsea?

Loch Ruadh and, I believe, the Tor have their own
practices at a time and place determined by them.
Loch Ruadh fighters have often graced Elfsea fighter
practice and we are better for it. The Tor fighters
have a much longer trip to Arlington, but they too
have graced our fighter practice to our benefit.

snip, snip, ...

> Or, if that is not a good idea, why don't we cut down
> on the number of practices we have during the winter
> and start increasing the number as we approach Gulf
> Wars? I've noticed that after Gulf Wars, attendance
> decreases but a few months before, we have a huge
> crowd. This may be something to think about and I
> believe that it will also give the Knight's Marshal a
> much-needed break.

The war captains and Knight's Marshals are looking for
ways to increase activity during this time and, for that
matter, all year round so we have better seasoned (sic)
fighters during the Gulf War and other combat opportunities.

> I think that's about it. Sorry for not being at Moot
> to express this but things happen. I know that the
> Barony will make the right decision for Elfsea.


> I remain...
> your most humble servant,
> Lady Eleanor Cleavely
> Rapier Widow

Caelin on Andrede

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