[Elfsea] possible A&S "thing"?

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Hey, if the "wool washing" gets rained out, I would be happy to host the
"glove making class" on Nov 2nd.  Or perhaps at another Solarium?


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>I must preface this suggestion with a "I don't know how, but I would like
>Here goes:  Leather Factory has goat skins on sale for $5.  They are sooo
>soft and rather thin, like heavy cloth or light weight vinyl (and too light
>weight for many things).  They are exactly the same kind of leather used
>looks like) in the very expensive, soft mens work gloves---which leads to
>this thought:
>With winter coming everyone starts looking at gloves.  There was a
>article a little time ago in TI on making dueling gloves and the same good
>lady who wrote this taught a class at Glaslyn's Artison of the Flame on
>making gloves, soooo
>With these hand outs/articles, a $5 skin and some space (and maybe someone
>who took the class), would it be feasable to have a glove "get together"
>everybody learn glove making?  This leather seams ideal for hand sewing
>(forgive the pun).
>There may not be any interest, but it's something fighter, artist, lady and
>lord could use and it would be very inexpensive.
>(leather junky)
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