[Elfsea] Jobs-OT

Marsh, Vicki MarsV at chisd.com
Thu Oct 25 08:52:52 PDT 2001

Xene here:

I hope no one minds this post as it is off-topic, but I know that we have
had a spate of layoffs in the area.

If anyone is still looking for a job, Cedar Hill Independant School District
has a few openings.

There is a new one for a Security Guard at the High School Parking Lot.  It
only pays 8.00 an hr and isn't on the web page yet, but it looks like a good
job for someone going to school at night and they could study  during the
day when they are sitting in the guard shack.

Check out www.chisd.com for more information.

Vicki Marsh
Computer Lab
Bray Elementary
Cedar Hill, TX

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