[Elfsea] Glove Making/Possible A&S "thing"?

Aislyn of Glynwyrd Fen Carol_Billings1 at excite.com
Thu Oct 25 10:09:35 PDT 2001


I, for one, would be very interested in a glove making class. I missed the
one at Glaslyn's Artisan due to scheduling against another much needed class
and I would be extremely interested in participating in one in the near
future. I could contact several others that I believe might also be
interested. I would like to offer my home in which to hold the class in the
evenings, if we
can locate an instructor. I live in the southeast Arlington area at Hwy. 360
and I-20 and except for the normal Elfsea meetings/events, I'm available

(aka Orangeblossom Dunderfluff of Willowbottom. Is Dunderfluff a "Blonde"
"May you walk in the ways of the gentle, rustling woods, dreaming languid
images of love and be blessed by the soft magic of peace."

 "With these hand outs/articles, a $5 skin and some space (and maybe someone
  who took the class), would it be feasable to have a glove "get together"
  everybody learn glove making?  This leather seams ideal for hand sewing
  (forgive the pun)."

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