[Elfsea] Moot Tonight -- Fighter Practice Discussion

Glen Wilkerson gdwilkerson at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 25 10:42:45 PDT 2001

I have only this to add to the discussion.  Fighter practice is for us.

I have never been entirely comfortable with the idea of "recruiting" -
mostly for the same reasons I don't like it when the Jehovah's Witnesses
knock on the door and proselytize at me.  My philosophy is, if people are
interested they'll find us.  And while it's a good idea for hospitalers to
be at practice in case someone does stop and ask questions while driving or
walking by, I believe that effort should be reserved for demos where we put
ourselves in the public eye for that purpose.

But fighter practice is for us - those who fight and those who come to
watch.  A new fighter practice site should not be chosen based on
"demographics" or how visible we are.  The only criteria for a new site
should be; a reasonably central location, good ground (and big enough for
melees and archery if possible), available water, and clean privies, and
while it's not absolutely necessary, shade, and benches or picnic tables to
sit down at wouldn't hurt.


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