[Elfsea] tartan fabric

Jane Sitton jane.sitton at radioshack.com
Fri Oct 26 08:31:50 PDT 2001

Is there much interest in acquiring "real" tartan from Scotland locally?  I
ask because Logan is toying with the idea of making a trip to Scotland in
the spring (or sooner, if he can arrange it), now that he is able to fly
free, compliments of the US Army.  He could easily get to the UK, buy the
tartan cheaper there than having it shipped to the US, then hop on a flight

Another idea is to see if someone from Drachenwald who lives in the UK (I
know London has a branch of the Scotch House tartan store.) could purchase
the cloth for you & mail it here.

Sometimes ebay has tartans/kilts, but you'd be lucky to find exactly what
you were looking for.

Just a few thoughts.


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In my recent searches, I have found many sources for good tartan fabric,
around 54" - 60" wide, all of it priced at between $50 and $60 per yard.

Anybody know a good source for tartan that's substantially cheaper?

I'm particularly looking for the Douglas Modern sett, medium weight
(around 13 oz).


- Galen

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