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The place I found that could also get the tartan you want, is go to the
local lclan list here in the states and she what they can do for you. When I
wanted to find mine I checked on line and they wanted $450 + shipping and
the person who sent me the quote said have you check you clan for the
tartan, The price for clan members was $165.00. This is full prices for a
made great kilts.
Ld. Carlos
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>Is there much interest in acquiring "real" tartan from Scotland locally?  I
>ask because Logan is toying with the idea of making a trip to Scotland in
>the spring (or sooner, if he can arrange it), now that he is able to fly
>free, compliments of the US Army.  He could easily get to the UK, buy the
>tartan cheaper there than having it shipped to the US, then hop on a flight
>Another idea is to see if someone from Drachenwald who lives in the UK (I
>know London has a branch of the Scotch House tartan store.) could purchase
>the cloth for you & mail it here.
>Sometimes ebay has tartans/kilts, but you'd be lucky to find exactly what
>you were looking for.
>Just a few thoughts.
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>In my recent searches, I have found many sources for good tartan fabric,
>around 54" - 60" wide, all of it priced at between $50 and $60 per yard.
>Anybody know a good source for tartan that's substantially cheaper?
>I'm particularly looking for the Douglas Modern sett, medium weight
>(around 13 oz).
>- Galen
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