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We searched high and low for tartan  five years back and the good news is
that the prices you have found are not any more than what we found then.
The bad news is that we ended up paying 54 bucko's per yard.  "Ouch!"

If you are wanting a dress kilt, it seems to be substantially cheaper to
have one made.  Women's kilted skirts are definitely a make to order item.
Less work, less money, less left over fabric.  I speak from experience on
this one.

There are a couple of kilt makers who specialize in fitting the kilt to the
curve of your backside and in making sure that first pleat doesn't kick out.
I know I have seen both advertise in the Scottish Banner.

Good luck on your search,
Medb Liath

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> In my recent searches, I have found many sources for good tartan fabric,
> around 54" - 60" wide, all of it priced at between $50 and $60 per yard.
> Anybody know a good source for tartan that's substantially cheaper?
> I'm particularly looking for the Douglas Modern sett, medium weight
> (around 13 oz).
> thanks!
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