[Elfsea] Moot Tonight -- Fighter Practice Discussion

Phelippe Descors descors at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 26 18:32:19 PDT 2001

Thanks for pointing that out to me Sebastian, after re-reading my post I
think I do sound a little self centered, sorry all.

But I was wondering today, so far I have only heard about parks that are on
the east side of Ft. Worth.  Is there any good sized parks on the west side
of Ft. Worth?  I like the size and the open spaces of Trinity Park but, to
put it bluntly, that is a place that I don't feel safe at even if I had any
kind of protection.  Every time I have been out there I have gotten nothing
but bad vibes out there.

The reason I ask about west Ft. Worth is because that would address the
people that Sebastian mentions and it would still be realitively in the
middle of the 3 groups that Sir Drake mentioned.

Later all,


>Our populace from the Loch (Ceatta & Robin, Mebd &
>Dair, Dunsten to name only a few) travel upwords of
>one hour to get to practice.  Should we inconveniance
>an entire canton to please only a handfull?  I believe
>that if someone truly wants to improve themselves,
>they will go to great lengths and make many sacrafices
>in order to achieve thier goals (even if that means
>driving a bit further on sundays).  A centrel location
>may mean that some of us may have to add twenty maybe
>thirty minutes to thier drive; a sacrafice that I am
>more than willing to make; but in the whole scheme of
>things it may mean that we all are equally distanced
>from that location.

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