[Elfsea] Moot Tonight -- Fighter Practice Discussion

Phelippe Descors descors at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 26 18:36:14 PDT 2001

One reason I said what I did is because Maria works aout 20 minutes from the
Bedford Boys Ranch and she makes it from Duncanville to Grapevine 5 times a
week and it takes it toll on her and sometimes I make 2 round trips up there
a day and that can be pretty draining too.


>What I will drive now is  not the same as I would drive 10years ago and
>I am willing to drive in 10 years from now may be something different.
>What we are willing to do and not to do will is not the same for everyone.
>It will never be the same.
>And yes the proximity and the distance can and will make the difference for
>weather you will or will not go.
>What it will boil down to is everyone will have to decide for themselves.
>I will say it should be somewhere that it fits the needs of most of the
>people. (A clean bathroom would be nice)

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