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Tessa Nieto eleanor_cleavely at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 26 19:07:11 PDT 2001


To address your concern about safety at Trinity Park,
Fort Worth Police has stepped up their presence at the
park in the past few years. Crime, from what I
understand, is down in that area. They have also
cleaned the park up considerably. I, too, remember
when it wasn't safe to go to that park. But from what
I understand, things are different in that area of

Plus, our practices would be in the afternoons and,
considering the size of Trinity and the fact that we
have grown men beating each other with sticks, I
really don't think we have to worry about problems
with the public. :O)

Just my 2 pounds,
--- Phelippe Descors <descors at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks for pointing that out to me Sebastian, after
> re-reading my post I
> think I do sound a little self centered, sorry all.
> But I was wondering today, so far I have only heard
> about parks that are on
> the east side of Ft. Worth.  Is there any good sized
> parks on the west side
> of Ft. Worth?  I like the size and the open spaces
> of Trinity Park but, to
> put it bluntly, that is a place that I don't feel
> safe at even if I had any
> kind of protection.  Every time I have been out
> there I have gotten nothing
> but bad vibes out there.
> The reason I ask about west Ft. Worth is because
> that would address the
> people that Sebastian mentions and it would still be
> realitively in the
> middle of the 3 groups that Sir Drake mentioned.
> Later all,
>      Phelippe
> >
> >Our populace from the Loch (Ceatta & Robin, Mebd &
> >Dair, Dunsten to name only a few) travel upwords of
> >one hour to get to practice.  Should we
> inconveniance
> >an entire canton to please only a handfull?  I
> believe
> >that if someone truly wants to improve themselves,
> >they will go to great lengths and make many
> sacrafices
> >in order to achieve thier goals (even if that means
> >driving a bit further on sundays).  A centrel
> location
> >may mean that some of us may have to add twenty
> maybe
> >thirty minutes to thier drive; a sacrafice that I
> am
> >more than willing to make; but in the whole scheme
> of
> >things it may mean that we all are equally
> distanced
> >from that location.
> >
> >Respectfully
> >
> >Sebastian
> >
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