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Wilim Penbras wilim.penbras at pandora.org
Sat Oct 27 01:12:01 PDT 2001

Good Morning all,
     First off, I hate Web-based mailers.  I just finished a nice long e-mail chock full of numbers and such only to get disconnected from the server before it would send. That said I do have a point to make but I'm not retyping the numbers that back it up.

I imported all of the Addresses in the Doomsday into my mapping program to get a map with indicators for everyone in the doomsday. *Minus about 30 people who had addresses in didn't recognize.

A quick look at that map tells me that the center of the Populace if not the Barony is around 820 and 30.

I used the boys ranch as an example in some mapquest driving queries and without going into specifics the conclusion was that people that have a long way to drive will always have a long way to drive and people that live centrally will have a shorter drive.

Duncanville to Randol Mill vs Duncanville to the Boy's Ranch was about 32 Minutes vs 39 Minutes.  The Difference from Burleson was non-existant. Mapquest says Stella has a 50 Minute Drive to either Location.  Springtown came out even as well with 65 minutes to either site.

Mapquest isn't great and is failable.  My Map shows everyone I could get it to recognize in the barony but Not Everyone (137 of 174 entries in the Doomsday).  More Inportantly my Map shows EVERYONE I would like to do a Map with all of the Fighters addresses so we can have an accurate look.  If you think that's a good idea please send my your information.

In Service,
     Billy Fathead

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