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October 28 -- Keller Library Demo
Location: Keller Library
640 Johnson Road, Keller, TX.
This will be held from 2-5 p.m. at the Keller Library (directions below).
This demo is for us to educate students (appears to be 4th graders and high
school age from about 7 schools) and others on the "everyday., personal
lives of ordinary people".  If possible, fighter practice will also be held
at the same time and location.  They would like to have an Arts & Sciences
display, along with people talking about what the Everyperson of the Middle
Ages would have done in the "average" life.

Directions: Take best route to North Loop 820.  Exit Rufe Snow (go North).;
When Rufe Snow dead ends into a cow pasture, turn left.  Go past the High
School.  Library is next to the park with the castle.

If you are planning to attned, please let me know.  The more the merrier.
And remember, Fighter Practice will be held at the demo this Sunday, so do
not go to Randol Mill Park for Fighter Practice -- it won't be there.

I will be doing a small talk on how the average person lived, but if you
want to contribute, let me know.

And afterwards, there will be a revel and time for relaxation and
socializing at Siobhan and Daniel's.


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