[Elfsea] Moot Tonight -- Fighter Practice Discussion

ThoraOdottir@aol.com ThoraOdottir at aol.com
Sat Oct 27 20:43:35 PDT 2001

Greetings all... Thora here,

Someone asked about a park on the West side of FTW.  I know of a park in
Benbrook right on 377 that has most if not all of the amenities mentioned.  I
don't recall the name of it but it can't be missed if you are on 377 in
Benbrook. It is at the traffic signal light just south of the Winn Dixie on
the East side of the road.  I am not sure but perhaps Loch Rudh may know more
about it as it is close to their area.  I just see it every time I drive to
FTW from Granbury.

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