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Lady Simone lady_simone at code-works.com
Sun Oct 28 21:18:58 PST 2001

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Greetings unto the populace,

I send this message of thanks and word fame out. For this weekend there were
many who went above and beyond the call of duty to make Dragon fire Tor's
Toy tourney a tremendous success. With out these individuals this event
would not have Happened.

Those from The Barony Of Elfsea

 A big Thanks it thier Graces Willow and Johnathan who gave of thier time
and thier efforts to this event.
They added to the ambiance in such a way that thier were moment that it felt
like we had been taken back in time. these were special moments. Thank you
Duke Johnathan and Duchess Willow

Also to Lord Sabastion and his Lady Elenor. they were both of great help in
assisting at those event.

House Falcon Rose. thier help in setup tear down site security, voice
heraldry and Arts and sciences was also invaluable.

Those from the Shire of Middleford

HL Louise Mendenhale the seneschal of Middleford  who rallied the forces of
here shire to come and assist us. with out the help from this shire this
event would have been  a lot herder to keep organized and entertaining.
The shire of Middlrford when well above the call of duty when they helped
this event.

ld Gillie and ldy Darcy. Again thier culinary skills were the best. All who
ate of there wonderful feast were well sated and satisfied.

Lord John Thorn, Lord Steward, and lady Emma all members of  The Sable
Bridge Fighting Company. were of great service to the event and to the
fighting community. special Thanks to Lord John Thorn who is also the Shire
of Middleford's Knight Marshal for  filling in for the Tor's Knight Marshal.
allowing the Tor's knight Marshal to attend to mundane matters.  and again a
big thanks to the Sable Bridge.

Other Thanks

To Morloff and Casandra. for all the work these to gave from silting troll
serving dinner and keeping me someone sane( a chore in itself)

ldy Granya ui'dunlaing for her time at troll and  as our hopitaler.

Last but not least Ld Edward Mercer for all the work he did with thre rapier
community here at the Tor is much appreciated.

I may have missed someone if I have I'll fix it as soon as I can

a very tiered Simone

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