[Elfsea] Steppes' Fallcourt 2001:

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Mon Oct 29 11:45:33 PST 2001

Greetings all,

Our Steppes' Fallcourt has come and gone bringing with it the seasons
change and many fond memories.  The site and weather were beautiful,
classes & activities went very well, "Broc's Boffer" was a great deal of
fun for young and old alike, the "Village Raid" was entertaining to all
who fought or watched, Feast was bountiful and delicious, Bardic did
offer delights both new & old, and song graced our campfires long into
the night.

Steppes' Fallcourt was a wonderful success made so due to the hard work
of many talented persons from both in and outside of our Barony, most of
whom claimed their efforts were but a small matter.  The list is so
extensive that it shall take days to sort it all out so I shall start
listing those who headed activities, teams, & made major contributions
first and repost again as those leaders do send me their complete list of
event volunteers.

A great deal of thanks goes to:  The Baron and Baroness of the Steppes HE
Master Fritz der Rothirsch and HE Catrin Brynmorgan (Whom we can never
seem to get to sit down and take it easy!).  Co-event steward(s) Lord Jon
and HL Gabrielle (Whom I am including as a steward because for her
endless efforts toward making this event a success), Guyjin San & Lady
Alienor (Who did open their home to us for weeks to make props & costumes
for this event), Lord Lothair & Roana (Whom transported everything on and
off site and ran our security & gate), Broc & Lady Isabel (Broc's Boffer
tourney), Lady Fionnuala (Prize coordinator), Lady Aimee (Equestrian),
Lord Iames (Axe, knife, & spear), Lord Owen (Target archery), Gerita
(Chirurgeon) and Jacques the Spinks (Who was first on and last off site,
and only stopped working the event to get a very few hours sleep).

Class instructors;  Mistress Kalida (Bayeux tapestry embroidery), Ld. Jon
(Ale & mead brewing), Ly. Chiara (Glove making), HL Juliana (Cordials),
Ly. Fionnuala (Beading necklaces), Viscountess Kathryn (Court etiquette),
Ld. Vincenzo (Pumpkin & wood carving), Ld. Owen (Arrow making).

Also, the members of the Household of Phonious Arkham & extended friends
who contributed their Saturdays and more for so many weeks to the tasks
of procuring materials and the construction of everything needed to make
this event fun for all.  To all those whom did volunteer for this event
that I have failed to include in the list above, I do hope to amend that
in the next posting.

And to you who came to attend this annual event of our Barony.  It was
your company and sprit that did help to make our Steppes' Fallcourt such
a grand and wonderful affair.  Our most humble thanks to you one and all!

In service,

Lord William Ironwyrm

Event Steward Steppes' Fallcourt 2001

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