[Elfsea] Solarium on Friday

susant@unt.edu susant at unt.edu
Mon Oct 29 12:21:03 PST 2001

Quoting Alessandra:

> BTW, Lavina, how long did you leave your wool immersed?  I believe
> Robyn said an hour or two works, but I may have been mistaken.
> Alessandra

Well....... I'm an EXTREME novice at this - as in the most experience I have had
 with working with wools and natural fibers was at the workshop that Mistress
Stella gave.  So I'm not the best person to ask about this.

However, since you asked, I did a little test experiment with some of the wool I
have.  I left the wool soaking for about 15 - 20 minutes, that is, when I could
keep Little Daniel from "helping".  I'm sure, the little amount of time I let it
soak was wwwaaayyy too short of a time.  Hence, the reason I am so excited about
this workshop.... to learn from more experienced people....


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