[Elfsea] COTB - Illumination Night

Kate Rayburn anezka at elfsea.net
Tue Oct 30 07:19:02 PST 2001

Actually, it is not up against Heralds, Scribes & Illuminators since
that meets the next week (on the 12th).  I cannot guarantee my
attendance at Three Bridges Illumination night because I will have spent
my entire day in  Comprehensive Examinations.

In Service,
Anezka z Rozmitala
Head of the Scribes and Illuminators Guild

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> Greetings unto the most noble Barony of Elfsea!
> The College of Three Bridges is hosting an
> Illumination Night on Monday, November 5. It will
> start at 7pm on the second floor of the University
> Center on the campus of UTA. I will be teaching a
> beginning class on scrolls, what they're for and how
> to paint them.
> If anyone would care to attend this class, please feel
> free. Bring your brushes, paints and scrolls and help
> to bring the art of scroll painting to the College.
> Any donations of paints and brushes would be most
> appreciated.
> I know this goes up against Scribes and Illuminators
> and for that, I do apologise. But, it was the general
> consensus amongst the College that the first class
> should be held at the University for the comfort of
> the newcomers. I will most certainly encourage them to
> attend future S&I meetings and will give them the
> information for the meetings.
> Once again, I humbly thank the Barony for their
> support of the College in its endevours. We are so
> greatful to be a part of this great Barony.
> Lady Eleanor Cleavely
> Minister of Arts & Sciences
> College of Three Bridges
> PS: HL PHILIP, please forward this to the College
> list. Thanks! Eleanor
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