[Elfsea] A Very Sad Note

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A personal memory of Lady Diedre

Before I was Kingdom Seneschal
a kind lady praised my embroidery

Before I was ER Deputy Kingdom Seneschal
a kind lady surprised me with a gift of Knowledge

While I was Central Regional Seneschal
a Lady with a wonderful smile and kind voice welcomed me.

Master Richard Fairbourne

Please share funeral arrangements.
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I too would like to know of funeral arrangements.  I was able to visit with
Deirdre when she turned the Central Regional Chronicler's office over to me
last August and she expressed that her health was improving.  I am very sad
to hear of this loss and wish to express my sympathy to her husband.

In service,
Melinda Peet
aka: H.Ly. Ceinwen ferch Rhuel
In God I Trust


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>Thank you, Ceatta, for having to share this sad news.  Mistress JeanMaire
>also let me know about it.
>She was a great Lady.  Many of you missed the joy of working with her, as
>her health has not been good for the last several years.
>Please let us know of the funeral arrangements as soon as possible.  I am
>nearby and at home with a sick child today, so I can be reached at home by
>phone or e-mail.
>Mistess Xene
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>We were just informed that Lady Deirdre Siridein ni Ciaran (mka Elizabeth
>Cockerill), a long time member of the Barony of Elfsea, once Minister of
>Arts and Sciences and Central Regional Chronicler, passes away this morning
>at 4:15 a.m., due to complications from asthma.  This is all that we know
>currently.  If you have any further questions, please direct them to us
>(unless you know Deirdre and her husband Buck very well.).
>We will be sending out more information as we have it.
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