[Steppes] RE: [Elfsea] TRMs hit by tornado today.

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Does Her Majesty own a pet parrot?  I saw a woman on the news that looked
like her with a parrot (of course, I've only seen Her Majesty from a
distance).  I live on the northeast corner of Josey and 190 and heard the
sirens going off.  The house lights were flashing on and off, but there was
no lightning or thunder.  The winds were high and the house got pounded by
the heavy rains.  Luckily, this side of the highway cleared the F1.  I just
now found out that TRM's house was hit.  If I had known, I would have tried
to go over there and help.  I'm glad no one was hurt.

HL Gabrielle

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>Subject: [Steppes] RE: [Elfsea] TRMs hit by tornado today.
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>I just talked to her majesty and everyone is ok, however the second story
>there house has sustained significant damage. I and others will keep you
>posted. Look for her majesty on tv in the dallas area on channel 8.
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>Their Royal Majesties, Duncan and Larissa, had their home hit by a
>tornado earlier today.  Their house is damaged, but nobody was hurt.
>I'm sorry I cannot offer more information at this time - anything more
>would be speculation.
>They cannot take phone calls right now, and probably won't post anything
>for a little while.  Please do not try to call.  If you desperately need
>to get a hold of them, please contact them through Mary Elizabeth.  If
>you can't get a hold of her, then try me.
>I'm heading over there now to offer what assistance I can, and will post
>more information tonight.
>Obviously, HRM's practice is cancelled tonight.
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