[Elfsea] If you have been trying to get ahold of me...

Christine Huse maria_elfsea at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 6 07:39:38 PDT 2001

Hola, everyone!

If you have sent me an e-mail since last Wednesday, I know that you have not
heard back from me. I'm afraid that Thursday morning on my way in to the
office, I missed a step on the stairs leading down into the office. Though I
tried very hard to break my fall with my knees and arms, the momentum of the
fall caused me to fall flat on my stomach. Fortunately, Phillippe had driven
me to work and was able to rush me to the doctor's. It was a relief to hear
the little heartbeat of our little one. But, once we heard it give the
microphone a good swift kick, we were very relieved!

Well, the only damage done was that I pulled all the muscles in my arms,
legs and all the muscles in my back and stomach cavity. Needless to say, I
have been laid up in bed this last week and I am just now getting around to
answering e-mail. I ask that you please be patient because I have well over
1000 e-mail to trudge through from all the lists I am on and I want to make
sure that I don't miss anyone's important message addressed to me.



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